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Enhance Guest Experience and Streamline Operations with Our AI-Powered Solutions.

Why Choose Our Chatbots for Your B&B or Hotel?

Optimize Property Management

Say goodbye to costly property managers! Our chatbots handle booking inquiries ensuring a seamless guest experience while reducing operational expenses.

Personalized Recommendations

Delight your guests with tailor-made experiences! Our chatbots analyze guest preferences and offer personalized recommendations, increasing upsell opportunities and repeat bookings.

Instant Customer Support

Never waste time answering repetitive questions again! Our smart chatbots promptly respond to guest queries 24/7, providing instant assistance and elevating guest satisfaction.

Transforming Hospitality: Elevate Guest Satisfaction with Our Chatbot Solutions

Discover a game-changing opportunity to elevate your hospitality business by partnering with us in revolutionizing the hotel and bed & breakfast (B&B) industry.

Our advanced chatbot solutions are meticulously designed to provide seamless guest interactions, resulting in an unparalleled impact on guest satisfaction and the overall success of your business.

Embrace the future of guest communication and experience the remarkable transformation it brings to your bottom line.

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Discover the Impact: Hours Saved, Money Earned, and a Surge in Guest Delight – Revolutionizing the Hospitality Experience!

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Pricing plans

Unlock the Perfect Fit: From Starter to Pro, Find Your Chatbot Solution at a Price that Suits You Best

Starter Plan

97€ /month

Unlock the Power of Your Bed & Breakfast (B&B)

Our Starter Plan is meticulously designed to cater specifically to B&B owners, offering a tailored and cost-effective solution to elevate your business. With the Starter Plan, our advanced chatbot is expertly crafted to learn more than 90% of the unique characteristics of your B&B. It adapts swiftly to guest inquiries, providing personalized recommendations, managing bookings, and offering instant customer support. Enhance guest experiences and streamline operations effortlessly with the Starter Plan, tailored to help your B&B thrive in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Pro Plan

247€ /month

Elevate Your Hotel Experience to New Heights

The Pro Plan is the ultimate choice for hotel owners seeking a premium chatbot solution that exceeds expectations. Our Pro Plan empowers your hotel with a chatbot equipped to learn over 90% of the distinctive features and services offered by your property. Seamlessly integrated with your hotel’s systems, the Pro Plan chatbot elevates guest satisfaction through personalized interactions, efficient booking management, and real-time support. With the Pro Plan, your hotel gains a valuable ally that optimizes guest experiences, boosts operational efficiency, and sets the stage for unparalleled success in the hospitality industry.

Seamless Guest Experience: Your Chatbot, Your Way - Integrate with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Your Website

Welcome to a new era of guest interaction! Our innovative chatbot solution offers unparalleled versatility, enabling seamless integration with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as direct integration into your B&B or hotel’s website. With this cutting-edge technology at your disposal, guests can connect with your property effortlessly, anytime, and from anywhere they prefer. From personalized recommendations to instant support, our chatbot enhances the guest experience across multiple channels, making their journey with you unforgettable

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